e. Flim Lemez Taxi

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This model is the e. Flim Lemez 2 Door Sedan Car in red and yellow Taxi livery. The item is tinplate and comes with friction drive.

The model has a one-piece, pressed metal body, 155mm in length. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines. There is no glazing - all the features are lithographed onto the body. At the front are representations of the windows, head lights, and grille, and printed numberplate – white lettering on a black background [JA-20-11]. The bonnet carries a lithographed arrow running from the windscreen to the front of the bonnet. The front windscreen shows representations of the driver (male) and passenger (female), and a centrally located windscreen wiper.

To the sides there are outlines of two doors without door handles, outlines of the wheel arches and wheel tops, and the body trim. The side windows show different representation of only the rar passengers, a boy behind the driver, and a girl behind the passenger. The roof is red as is the bonnet and boot. The rear carries a lithographed boot lid outline, rear lights, and below the boot outline is a black numberplate with white lettering reading "JA-20-11". The top of the boot carries the trademark for "e. Flim Lemez" and below this the word "Foreign".

All of the original four wheels are present. The hubs are grey plastic and the tyres black rubber. The rear wheels are attached to a steel axle that runs through a friction drive motor. The friction drive still works.

The base plate is a single piece, shaped, pressed tin unit. It has been press fitted to the body and small bend tabs hold it over the edges of the body. It appears to be painted black. There are no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details on the base, although it is stamped "Foreign".

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the 1960s. It was manufactured in Hungary.

Item: 3843