e. Flim Lemez Ford Taunus Car - Friction

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This model is the e. Flim Lemez Ford Taunus Car in green. The item is plastic and comes with friction drive.

The Ford Taunus is a family car that was sold by Ford Germany throughout Europe. Models from 1970 onward were similar to the Ford Cortina in the United Kingdom. The model line was named after the Taunus mountain range in Germany and was first made in 1939 and continued through several versions until 1994.

attribution: By Berthold Werner - Own work, Public Domain, Link

The model has a one-piece, cast plastic body, 170mm in length, 63mm wide, and 54mm high. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines, bonnet louvres, bumpers, and doors. There is no glazing.

At the front the grille and headlights are represented by separate metal fixtures. The bonnet carries body trim to represent the centre line and bonnet outline, and sports a cast "TAUNUS" across the front of the bonnet. To the sides there are outlines of two doors, fitted with metal door handles, and the body trim, including what appears to be the characters "12m" as a side badge to the rear of the front wheel arch. The rear carries an outline of the boot, a separate metal number plate [ZL 19-77], and two metal tail lights.

All of the original four wheels are present. The hubs are greyish metal and the tyres black rubber. The rear wheels are attached to a steel axle that runs through a friction drive motor housed in the cab rear. The friction drive still works.

The base plate is a single piece, shaped, pressed tin unit. It has been press fitted to the body and two small screws hold it to the body. It appears to be unpainted. It has the manufacturer's mark (E Flim Lemez inside an hexagonal shape), no country of origin details, and the word "Foreign" stamped on the base.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the late 1960s as this is when the Taunus was released in this format. The model was manufactured in Hungary.

Item: 3935