Westend (Ross Plastics) Jeep

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This model is the Westend - Ross Plastics Jeep in green and yellow. The item is plastic and is a very basic moulding.

Ross Plastics is a Melbourne company known to have produced plastic items ranging from kitchen items such as biscuit containers, plastic Toys, and possibly even pallets. They appear to be still in business with the AMFIBI directory listing the following details for the company:
Ross Plastics Pty Limited
25 Pickles Street
Port Melbourne
VIC 3207

Company representatives:
John Kenneth Fox, Director

They are reported as having been in business for 43 years.

The model has a two-piece, cast plastic body, 160mm in length, 80mm wide, and 80mm high. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines, bumpers, and rear spare wheel. There is no glazing.

At the front, the grille, winch, bumper, and headlights are represented by part of the casting that forms the interior and base of the toy. The bonnet carries body trim to represent the centre shape, air louvre, and bonnet outline, above which is framed the front windscreen. To the sides there are basic outlines of two entry openings, and the side rear windows. The rear carries an outline of the tailgate, spare wheel, and two tail lights that are also part of the base casting.

The interior/base casting is in yellow plastic. The interior is represented by by a crude steering wheel, flat featureless dashboard, 2 seats, and a raised rear platform.

All of the original four wheels are present. They are single piece, hub and tyre mouldings with six spoke pattern, mounted on steel axles. The wheels are pressure attached to the steel axle that is clipped into place on plastic clips protruding down from the underside of the interior/base moulding.

The base plate is really the underside of the interior and is a single piece, shaped, plastic unit. It has been press fitted to the green body via a clip under the bonnet area and two body locating pins that protrude through the green body to form the rear tail lights. It has the manufacturer's mark (Westend inside a curved rectangular shape), and no country of origin details. The markings are "Another WESTEND product, Ross Plastics Pty Ltd, Melbourne" on three lines, to the rear below the rear axle.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the late 1980s. The model was manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.

Item: 3973