Wells-Brimtoy Borough Council Cleansing Truck (Non-friction)

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This model is the Wells-Brimtoy Borough Council Cleansing Truck in pale blue. This item is not friction driven. The company also produced friction driven toys of the same size (approximately 3.75 inches or 82mm long).

The model has a diecast plastic chassis with pressed metal rear body. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines. There is no glazing. At the front is a cast representation of the grille. The rear body is lithograph printed to represent the rear body and has signage that reads "Borough Council, Cleansing Department" in red lettering on both sides, a tank cap on the top, and "Borough Council, Cleansing, Dept. on three lines" at the rear together with a number plate [583 CLE].

The original black plastic wheels are still on the model, mounted on steel axles. The front and rear axles pass through the base.

The base plate is a single piece, pressed tin unit. It has been press fitted to the body and the plastic body pins melted to hold it to the body. It appears to be plated. There are no manufacturer's marks on this model, although the country of origin details are printed on the left side of the rear, in tiny lettering, "Made in Gt. Britain".

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be between the 1950s and 1960s.

Item: 3590