Wardie - Master Model #70 London Transport Bus Shelter

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This model is the Master Model #70 London Transport Bus Shelter in dark green, manufactured for B J Ward Ltd (a distributor) by Kemlows Die Casting Products (Kemlows). This item was sold as part of the Master Models range distributed by B J Ward and although Kemlows were solely responsible for the manufacture of the majority of Wardie and Master Models items, all mention of them was eradicated from the sales literature that Bertie Ward had produced and he even went as far as chiseling the Kemlow name from the dies used for the early windmills. 1

The model is a one-piece metal body molded in the shape of a typical open bus shelter of the period, with open front and rear, closed ends, centre partition wall, two bench seats, and a roof. On either end of the exterior are London Transport signs (paper labels) and on the rear partition walls are large London Transport maps (missing from one side and torn on the other on this model).

There are no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details on the model anywhere (common on these toys) and the base is likewise unmarked in any way.

This item was issued between 1955 and 1960. It was produced in dark, mid, or lime green, came in a plain white card box with Master Model details, and cost 2/6d when released. It is considered a common Master Model item, many of which can be found on model rail layouts.

Item: 4040

1 The Illustrated Kemlows Story – Including the Master Model Story