Wade Giftware - Ceramic Pin Tray with Santa Fe Locomotive

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This collectible is the Wade Ceramic Pin Tray with Y13 Santa Fe Locomotive in Beige ceramic and Dark Green and Maroon livery. The item features no moving parts.

The ceramic tray is in a semi oval shape. To the rear right sits the Y13 Santa Fe in its original Dark Green and maroon finish. The body casting is identical to the standard painted version of the mode. The underside of the model cannot be seen clearly but appears to have the original Matchbox legends and text. It is fixed to the ceramic tray by a single large self tapping screw. All versions of this model have been attached in the same manner, even though the tray has two cast holes for screws. The tray carries no markings on the viewed upper surface but cast into the bottom of the tray is the legend "An RK product by Wade of England".

This item does not have its original packaging and I have never seen a photo of the item in its original packaging.

This item was probably issued between 1959 and 1965 as the locomotive was deleted from the Matchbox Yesteryear range in 1965.

Item: 3332