WD (HK) 868 Routemaster Bus - Friction Double Bus

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This model is the WD (HK) 868 Routemaster Bus in red plastic with "Friction Double Bus" advertising. It appears to be of an earlier AEC or Leyland double decker bus. It comes in its original card box packaging.

A four part plastic casting comprising the two halves of the bus, the grille and lights, and the base. The body is entirely red with only limited exterior detail, some interior detail representing seats in the lower and upper decks and the rear stairs, cast into the body casting. The upper side advertising boards are marked with yellow paper labels reading "Friction Double Bus". The front and rear destination boards are marked with "868, Playland", on two lines, in white lettering on a black background.

The interior of the model includes the lower rear steps to the upper deck, a representation of the upper steps, a full compliment of seats in the upper deck, and seating for four passengers on the lower deck, the rest having been omitted to allow for the placement of the friction motor. Interestingly the drivers seat is not present. The grille and head lights are a separate chromed plastic unit. There is no glazing.

The base plate is black plastic and is modified to accommodate the friction drive motor. It is marked "WD, Empire MDAE, No. 868" on three lines to th e rear. NOTE the misspelling of the word MADE — the die maker was obviously having an 'off' day. The base appears to be solvent glued to the body.

All wheels are one piece, black rubber, pressure fitted to the metal axle which passes through the body and base. The rear axle also passes through the friction drive motor.

It is thought this item was produced circa the 1970s.

Item: 4593