Vitesse 034A Lancia Rally Car - Martini Racing 1982

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This model is the Vitesse Lancia 037 Rally car in white in the livery of Martini Racing as raced in the 1982 Rallye de France, 26th Tour De Corse by Attilio Bettega / Maurizio Perissinot. Perissinot survived the tragic accident during the 1985 Tour de Corse which claimed the life of Bettega.

This model represents a Martini Racing Team rally car and as such is adorned with the Martini Racing stripes and logos plus the usual rally sponsor decals and driver's decals. The vehicle carries the racing number 1 on the roof and doors.

The model has no opening parts. The model has separate windscreen wipers and wing mirrors and its roof is adorned with black radio aerial.

The interior is black plastic with a left hand drive plastic steering wheel and also contains a silver chromed engine. The glazing is clear and the rear side glazing is striated, presumably to suggest a rear window demister.

All wheels have chrome hubs - solid, one piece hub with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Vitesse" in the centre top and "Lancia 037" followed by "1/43" followed on a separate line "Made in Portugal" at the centre bottom. The base plate casting also has minimalist front and rear suspension system. It is held in place with a single self tapping screw and a rear locator lug.

This model was issued in 1993.

Item: 920