Vinyl Line Ferrari 250

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This model is the Vinyl Line Ferrari 250 in red.

Vinyl Line was originally a "sub brand"  of Stelco that became the main brand used by the company. Its vehicles are made from a soft plastic and some appear to be copies of vehicles manufactured by Corgi, Solido, and Dinky. They have no opening parts and almost all have the windscreens filled in by the vinyl used for the body.

This model is a one piece casting with no opening parts and all features cast into the body. There is no interior nor glazing, the windows being filled with the same vinyl as the body. The body lines are accurately represented and incorporate representations of the front Ferrari badge, head lights, front number plate, side doors, door handles, etc.

All wheels are of a soft rubber or plastic compound in one piece shaped to represent a hub and tyre and fitted to dome head metal axles that pass through struts molded on the underside of the body and the wheels.

There is no base plate and the underside of the vehicle carries the manufacturer's "Vinyl Line" branding, the word "Ferrari" and the country of origin details are marked as "W. Germany".

This model was produced between the 1950s and 1969.

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