Vilmer 474 Chevrolet Dump Truck with Front Shovel

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This model is the Vilmer 474 Chevrolet Dump Truck with Front Shovel in Red and Dark Blue.

Most detail is cast into the body and chassis which is predominantly red. Detail cast includes the grille, the doors, the body trim, and the rear springs. At the front is a separate casting of a front shovel, attached to either side of the cab, just in front of the doors. To the rear is a separate casting for the rear tipping bed, operated by yet another separately cast wheel and handle mounted on one end of a metal rod that passes through lugs on the rear bed and chassis and is held by the tipping mechanism on the other end (a black plastic shaped "arm" that raises and lowers the bed).

There is no interior but it does have all round, clear glazing.

The baseplate is cast metal (blue) and incorporates the front bumpers. It is marked "Vilmer Made in Denmark" on two lines behind the front axle, followed by "Chevrolet" under the right hand door and "6400" under the left hand side door. At the front, above the front axle is a spring mechanism that acts as front suspension, and at the rear, between the differential housing and the upper body chassis, is a second spring that acts as working rear suspension. A rudimentary depiction of the drive shaft is also cast on the base. It is held in place by two machined rivets, one front and one rear.

All wheels comprise a cast plastic hub (blue) and separate rubber tyre, dual at the rear, single at the front.

This model was issued in the 1950s.


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