Verem 753-23 Mercedes 190 16/S AMG

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This model is the Verem 753-23 Mercedes 190 16/S in black, Hugo Boss, racing livery with the racing number 44.

The model has no opening parts. At the front we have a black plastic Mercedes radiator grille with Mercedes hood ornament set into the main body casting. Either side of this are the headlights — clear plastic lenses also set into the body casting. The front bumper is actually part of the baseplate and carries the word "Castrol" in white lettering on the left hand side. The entire car body is covered in Hugo Boss transfers to simulate the racing livery (these may have been applied by the previous owner as they are a bit hap-hazardly placed). At the rear is a small aerofoil over the boot and the rear lights are orange and red plastic, inset in to the main body casting.

The interior is black plastic with a left hand drive, black plastic steering wheel and black dashboard without dials, etc. The interior has only one seat, a roll cage and the base is molded to show the drive shaft tunnel and a fire extinguisher only. The glazing is clear all round with both front side doors being without glass (probably unlikely in a race car). The front screen is molded with a single windscreen wiper and carries AMG/Hugo Boss across the top. The rear screen is molded to simulated a heated rear screen.

All wheels are simulated mag wheels - one piece black plastic with an olive plastic, multi-spoked, mag center "hub" insert.

The base plate is a simple, flat, black painted metal casting. It is marked at the front "VEREM, Made in France" on two lines (just behind the front axle), "Mercedes, 190, 2.3 16 S" on three lines, inside a cast box, in the centre, and, in a concave cast rectangle behind the rear axle, "No 705-714, 1/43 04 87" on two lines. It is held in place with a rear body locating lug and a single front self tapping screw.

I do not know when this model was issued.

Item: 1363