Vanguards VA05806 Morris Minor - Metropolitan Traffic Police 75th Anniversary

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This model is the Vanguards VA05806 Morris Minor in the blue and white livery of the Metropolitan Traffic Police issued for their 75th anniversary.

This model has limited detailing and no opening parts. At the front there is an outlined chromed grille and bumper with numberplate [YYH708H] in white lettering on black background. The front lights are represented by clear jeweled lenses. Two chromed side mirrors are mounted on the front above the headlights and two tiny photo-etched wipers grace the front windscreen. The white front doors carry the word "Police" in dark blue lettering and highlighted in yellow. Tampo printed door handles are applied to both doors. At the rear the rear lights are represented by red and orange sections painted on the moulded body and a silver petrol cap. On the right rear is a radio aerial. The boot is adorned with tampo printed "Morris 1000", hinges, and handles and another white on black numberplate. On the roof is a police sign in blue and white, just behind another radio aerial.

The interior is black plastic with a right hand drive, black plastic steering wheel and the glazing is clear all round.

All wheels have solid, one piece grey hubs with separate chrome "hub caps" and black "rubber" tyres.

The baseplate is black plastic with only a stylised outline of the gearbox, drive shaft and differential. At the top centre it reads Vanguards, "Morris Minor" in the centre middle above the drive shaft and "LLEDO" at the bottom front, just behind the front wheel. It is not apparent how it is held in place.

This model's scale is stated to be 1/43.

Item: 2743