Vanguards Anniversary Series Jaguar E Type Series 1 (1961) - Limited Edition

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This model is the Vanguards Anniversary Series Jaguar E Type Series 1 (1961) in red. It was issued in a relatively plain, silver blue Vanguards Anniversary Series, two part box. It is a limited edition release, #3060 of 6700 produced (stamped on the baseplate).

This model has detailing but no opening parts. At the front there is a chromed grill and bumper fitted between the body casting and the baseplate casting. incorporated in to this bumper are the castings for the front indicators (trafficators) which have been coloured orange. Above this are two clear lenses representing the front light assemblies and between these is a small decal (white lettering on a black background) representing the numberplate [AVF299]. Further back we have a small chromed photo-etched windscreen wiper that rests against the clear windscreen which has a silver outline to represent the chrome edges. Two chromed side mirrors were mounted on the side doors, but sadly these are both missing from my example. The doors also carry chromed plastic door handles. At the rear the rear lights are represented by red and orange coloured sections on the chromed light assemblies. Again we have a chromed plastic rear bumper fitted between the two sections of the casting and a rear numberplate (also a white lettering on black background decal. finally above the rear numberplate, on the boot, is a tiny tampo printed "E Type Jaguar 3.8" (printed over 3 lines).

The interior is red plastic with a right hand drive, brown and chrome plastic steering wheel. The dashboard is black plastic and is picked out in silver to represent the various switches and dials. The top of the "gearstick" has also been picked out in silver. A black plastic tonneau sits folded behind the two seats.

All wheels have solid, one piece chromed plastic hubs, shaped to represent wire spoke hubs, with separate black "rubber" tyres.

The baseplate forms part of the body shape and is also painted red metal. It is cast with stylistic representations of the front axle suspension, engine sump and transmission box and rear suspension. A separate chromed plastic, twin exhaust system component is fitted to the base plate. The baseplate has been tampo printed with "3060 of 6700 Produced" in black, at the bottom centre just behind the front wheels. The legend "Vanguards LLEDO" on two lines appears at the top centre of the baseplate and "JAGUAR E TYPE" on two lines at the bottom centre just in front of the rear wheels. It is held in place by three machined rivets.

This model's scale is stated to be 1/43. It was released circa 2001.

Item: 1645