Vanguards VA09902 Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 GLS - Metropolitan Police DPG - Ltd Edition

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This model is the Vanguards VA09902 Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 GLS in the red livery of the Metropolitan Police Diplomatic Protection Group. The Diplomatic Protection Group is a separate department of the Metropolitan Police who serve the diplomatic community around London. The 2 litre Sierra Sapphire was popular with the DPG as it offered a good turn of speed, was not too big to navigate London's tight streets and could comfortably accommodate four adults. All DPG cars were finished in bright red to differentiate them from other vehicles and allow recognition by those they served.

This limited edition model has some detailing and no opening parts. At the front there is a plain black bumper that incorporates the number plate [H288 YUC] in black text on white background. Also on the bumper are two low mounted driving lights represented by silver panels. The front lights are represented by clear lenses either side of the small black grille that comes complete with its Ford badge. The indicators and parking lights are incorporated into these lenses. In the centre of the front is a tiny blue on white "POLICE" sign. Two tiny black and silver side mirrors are supplied (enclosed with the certificate of authenticity) for the collector to mount on the front doors and two tiny photo-etched wipers grace the front windscreen. The sides carry a cast raised bump painted orange for the side indicator lights, a Metropolitan Police Crest in silver on blue background on the front doors, and the rear doors have a blue on white "POLICE" sign. The doors are finished of with the door handles and front door locks highlighted in black. The roof has the obligatory blue rectangular roof light of the period, two "Mickey Mouse" roof lights, a white painted "43" and orange painted circle as helicopter identification items. At the rear is another plain bumper and the rear lights are represented by red and silver panels on a flat black insert that also includes the rear numberplate in black on yellow. On the rear panel, just below the boot lid, the vehicle carries a tiny tampo printed "Sierra Sapphire GLS" badge in silver on the left hand siude and a tiny "Ford" bade on the far right hand side. Next to the Ford badge is another "POLICE" sign, this time in red on white background.

The entire interior is black plastic with a right hand drive black plastic steering wheel set into the dashboard. Other interior detail includes the front and rear seats, instrument and radio panels, centre console and gearstick, and a tiny interior rear view mirror. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels have solid, one piece black plastic hubs with separate chrome "hub caps" and black rubber tyres.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Vanguards" in the centre top and "Ford, Sierra Sapphire" on two lines at the centre bottom. The base plate casting also has minimalist front and rear suspension system, engine sump, gearbox, drive shaft and differential, and exhaust system. It is held in place with two self tapping screws, cleverly hidden below and engine panel at the front and the spare tyre and fuel tank at the rear.

This model was issued circa 2008 and is #0911 of 1501 worldwide. Its scale is stated to be 1/43.

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