Vanguards VA06611 Ford Transit Mk I Van - Amstelveen City Police - Ltd Edition

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This model is the Vanguards VA06611 Ford Transit Mk I van in white in the livery of the Amstelveen City Police (Netherlands). The city of Amstelveen, just south of Amsterdam, had its own Police force and this Mk I Transit [DV-21-91] was used as a Traffic Accident Investigation Unit. Unusual to this vehicle was the 3/4 length roof rack. It was issued as a Limited Edition model, No. 1499 of 2600.

This limited edition model has limited detailing and no opening parts. At the front there is a chromed bumper that incorporates the number plate [DV-21-91] in black text on yellow background. The grille is cast into the body and remains painted white. The front lights are represented by clear crystal lenses and the indicator lights are painted orange circles. Above this sits a POLITIE decal in black lettering on Fluorescent Orange across the front of the bonnet. Two chromed side mirrors are included, in separate plastic packaging, for mounting on the front wings and two tiny photo-etched wipers should grace the front windscreen according to the box photos (which oddly enough are of a right hand drive van with appropriate wipers instead of this left hand drive van with appropriate wipers), but only the driver's side wiper is present (a factory error? as it was purchased new like this). The front doors have tiny chromed door handles, as does the rear pair. The obligatory blue lights are mounted on the ¾ roof rack which also carries 4 unpainted spotlights. Both sides of the van have large Fluorescent Orange stripes along them, 45° stripes along the bottom of the rear body work and up the left and right hand sides of the rear doors. The petrol cap is picked out in tampo printed silver and at the rear the rear lights are represented by red and orange painted sections, separated by a black strip, inside a silver "frame". Across the rear doors is another Fluorescent Orange stripe with "POLITIE" and below the doors is a chromed rear bumper with numberplate in black on yellow.

The interior is black plastic with a left hand drive black plastic steering wheel. The only embellishment is the addition of a chromed rear view mirror, attached at the top of the windscreen. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels have grey plastic hubs - solid, one piece hub with separate black rubber tyres and finished off with chrome hub cap.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Vanguards" in the centre top and "Ford Transit" towards the centre bottom with LLEDO cast at the centre bottom. The base plate casting also has minimalist front and rear suspension system, engine sump, gearbox, driveshaft and differential, exhaust system and spare tyre housing detail. It is held in place, I believe, by the front and rear bumper fittings acting as clips to secure the parts together.

This model was issued circa 2003 and is #1499 of 2600 worldwide. Its scale is stated to be 1/43.

Item: 1943