Unknown Studebaker Mobilgas Petrol Tanker - NZ Cereal Toy

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This model is the Unknown Studebaker Mobilgas Petrol Tanker in silver grey plastic, thought to have been released as a New Zealand Cereal Toy (possibly Kellogg's). It appears to be a scaled down copy of the 1950s Dinky Studebaker Petrol Tanker.

A two part plastic casting comprising the two halves of the tanker, the model is entirely silver grey with all detail, including the wheels, being cast into the body. "Mobilgas" water-slide decals have been added to both sides of the model, although on this item only the left hand side decal remains.

There is no interior to the model, nor glazing.

There is no baseplate to the model and it is not marked in any way.

All wheels are cast into the body casting and they are in the body colour.

Given the subject matter, it is thought this item was produced as a cereal toy for one of the major NZ cereal manufacturers (possibly Kellogg or Sanitarium) during the 1960s or 1970s when these items were included in cereal packets.

Item: 3015