Unknown Fire Engine - Tootsietoy Copy

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This model is the Unknown Fire Engine in red. It is a copy of a Tootsietoy model.

This model consists of a single piece body casting painted red, a dark blue painted cast metal driver, and three cast metal ladders that slot together to form one long ladder.

At the front is a cast grille, headlights, and bumper highlighted in silver. The sides have cast body trim lines, running boards, and front and rear wheel arches. The rear has little detail apart from cast ladder mounts. There is a cast front seat, on which sits the separately cast driver, holding the steering wheel.

All wheels consist of black metal hubs mounted on steel axles that have been crimped on both ends. The axles are held in place by passing through pillars that protrude down from the under side of the body casting. Each hub has a separate white rubber tyre fitted.

There is no base on the model, and the underside of the body casting contains no manufacturer's or country of origin details.

I am not certain when this item was released but believe it to have been late in the 1980s or 1990s.

Item: 4583