Unknown Bedford TK Flat Truck - plastic

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This model is the Unknown Bedford TK Flat Truck in Yellow and Orange. The manufacturer is unknown but the item is reported by a former owner to have come from the Lincoln NZ factory at the time of closure, so it may have been an item proposed for future release, or it may have been one being considered for production in Hong Kong under the Lincoln International brand name.

The model has no opening parts, although both the rear and the cab tip, and most detail is cast into the model. At the front a separate, grey plastic, cast component forms the grille and bumper. This component also acts to trap the cab casting to the chassis casting and allows for a forward tipping action of the cab. Three further grey plastic components are used for the centre badge and for the head lights. The cab casting has details for the front body trim, the side doors, handles, and indicators, side steps and wheel guards, roof panels, and rear cab detail. The rear is cast to represent the front cab guard, deck, rear indicators and lights, and wheel guards. It appears that sides and a tailgate were intended as slots exist for these in the rear casting. The black plastic chassis casting is molded to show the chassis rails, fuel tank, rear leaf springs, lower motor (disguising the proposed mechanism for a flywheel motor?), and the rear pin holding the bed to the chassis.

There is no interior or glazing.

All wheels are of a commercial type - solid one piece grey plastic hubs, each with a black "rubber" tyre, pressure fitted to steel axles which pass through the chassis frame.

There is no base plate, and there is no indication of a maker's mark or country of origin details anywhere on the model.

I do not know when this model was issued. The model is approximately 1:43 scale (the length of a TK was 6579mm and this model is 155mm long (6579/155 = 1:42.45).

Item: 4004