Unknown 24c-G-15 Town Car (Dinky Copy)

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This model is the Unknown 24c-G-15 Town Car in dark Blue and Black. Possibly produced by Dave Gilbert of DG Models, Ian Law of PP Copy Models or The Dinky Club. All have produced a number of modern reproductions of Dinky Toys plus some in response to collectors' requests for items they believe Dinky should have produced.

The model has no opening features as it is based on the style of the Dinky 24 series cars. The car is comprised of a 5 part casting — the main body, the chassis and wheel guards, the front windshield and dashboard, the steering wheel, and the grille, front bumper and headlights.

At the front, the grille and headlights are a separate casting that appears to be fitted into the body and held in place by a spread rivet. The casting has been chromed silver. The main body sides have the doors and engine louvres cast into the body and at the rear the luggage trunk also forms part of the body. The front seats also form part of the main body casting. A separate casting has been made for the front windshield and dashboard which is slotted into the body casting and has been glued in place. To this is fitted the steering wheel, also glued in place. There are no rear bumpers fitted to the model.

There is no separate interior or glazing.

The base plate on this model incorporates the wheel arches/guards and running boards. It looks to be of the later flat, Dinky X chassis style and carries the legend "Made, in, England" on two lines, just behind the front axle. The base is held to the body by the axles which pass through holes in the body casting.

All wheels are of a smooth, convex, cast metal type - solid one piece cast metal hub and black rubber tyres, mounted on steel axles.

I do not know when this model was first issued but think it was post 2000.

Item: 3125