Unknown Sports Coupe - Dixieland Jazz Band

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This model is the Unknown 2 Door Sports Coupe in white. The item is tinplate and comes with friction drive.

The model has a one-piece, pressed metal body, 145mm in length. It has been shaped with rudimentary representations of the body lines. At the front a separate black plastic casting forms the grille, and the red front lights are actually tin tabs, painted red, that hold the grille in place. The bonnet is lithographed and has two ovals for head lights(?) an orange trumpet, and blue text which reads "Dixie, Land, Jazz, Band" on four lines.

On both sides there are is a stylised "note", another trumpet, and blue text reading "Big,Band". The roof is white with blue "Modern &, Traditional, Jazz" text and is sloped with a louvre shape pressed into the tin. The rear carries a lithographed set of red rear lights, and above this is another stylised "note", "Jazz" in blue and "Evergreen" in orange.  The vehicle has a white number plate with black lettering reading "EH RI-75".

All of the original four wheels are present. The hubs are black plastic and the tyres black rubber, pressure fitted to steel axles. The rear wheels are pressed on to a steel axle that runs through a friction drive motor in the rear. The friction drive still works.

The base plate is a single piece, shaped, pressed tin unit with rudimentary representations of the lower engine, drive shaft, rear differential, and exhaust system. It has been press fitted to the body and small bent tabs hold it to the body. It appears to be plated. There are no manufacturer's marks or country of origin details on the base.

I do not know exactly when this item was issued but believe it to be the 1970s or 1980s.

Item: 3939