Unknown (Mexico) Chevrolet Impala (1959)

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This model is the Unknown (Mexico) Chevrolet Impala (1959) in ivory. It is made from a hard plastic and appears to be a copy of a Corgi Toy.

All detail is cast into the model, including the "glazing". At the front is a cast bumper, number plate, grille, and head lights. The sides carry the body trim lines, doors, and handles. The rear has cast bymper, number plate, rear lights, and tail fins. All in all, it is an accurate representation of the real car.

All wheels are of a hard plastic compound, cast in one piece shaped to represent a hub, tyre, and axle. The axles are held in place in shaped pillars that protrude down from the under side of the body casting, and they are simply pressed into the shaped clip on the end of the pillar.

There is no base plate and the under side of the body casting carries no manufacturer's markings or country of origin details. The original owner told me it was bought in Mexico and was of local manufacture.

This model was probably produced in the 1970s.

Item: 4023