UnknownHK: Copy Y13-1-A American General Class Locomotive (1862) - plastic

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This model is the Unknown Hong Kong copy of the Matchbox Yesteryear Y13-1-A-1 American General Class Locomotive (1862) in Black plastic.

The model has all detail cast into the main body casting. No attempt appears to have been made to highlight any part of the body, nor does it sport any decals. There is no base and the wheels and axles are grey plastic. There is no interior detail or glazing.


Body Colour: Black body, chassis, and smoke stack
Paint Trim: None
Radiator/Grille: Black Boiler door
Wheel Hubs: Grey solid front wheels and grey solid rear wheels with 12 spoke pattern
Tyres: None
Box Type: no box
Other Comments/Identifying Features: The model has a single line of text on the cab roof reading "Hong Kong". There are no other markings on the model.

Probably issued in the 1960s, with an approximate scale of 1:112.

Item: 3901