UPS Presentation "Step-Thru" Van - UPS Customer Appreciation Night 1991

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This model is the UPS Presentation "Step-Thru" Van in UPS Brown mounted on a wooden plaque. The plaque has a metal label engraved with the UPS logo, "United Parcel Service" underneath which is " Customer Appreciation Night 1991" on three lines. The van is modeled on the Grumman Olson P800 step-thru vans used by UPS. These vans were built on a GMC chassis and running gear with the body being specially built by the firm Grumman (also known for their aircraft) to meet UPS specifications.

There are no opening parts on this model. The model is metal with all details molded into the body except for the headlights which are clear plastic inserts and the rear bumper which is part of the baseplate. The rear lights are represented by red and white painted dots on the cast lights.

The interior consists of a single driver's seat and steering wheel in black plastic. All glazing is clear plastic.

All wheels are black rubber with black commercial 6-spoke hubs.

The base plate is black plastic with no detail or manufacturer's marks. It carries a silver label marked "Made Exclusively for UPS" and attaches the model to the plaque by two screws.

Item: 1248


UPS truck No.804051 by William Grimes at English Wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons