Triang Spot-On (NZ) N105 [267] MG 1100

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This model is the Triang Spot-On N105 [267] MG 1100 in a greyish-green. This item is in poor condition but is quite rare and so has not been restored.

This model features a two piece cast body (main body and bonnet) with most detail cast in. Separate detail is added by the chromed plastic grille, headlights, and bumpers at the front and the rear bumper unit.The model also has a cast engine under the bonnet. The entire body is painted a greyish-green. The front grille and headlights are missing but the bumper is still there. The rear bumper is also missing. The front and rear number plates are white on black background decals [ACK 9nn] - the front plate is missing and the rear plate has 2 characters missing.

The interior is red plastic with a cream plastic steering wheel.. The glazing is clear all round - it has moulded windscreen wipers at the front, a moulded impression of the rear window demister, and the right hand side driver's window is in the open position.

The base plate appears to be un-painted cast metal. It is marked with "This car is fitted with, Flexomatic Suspension" on two lines under the left doors,  "Spot-On" at the top middle centre, "Models by Triang" below this and above the driveshaft, "1/42 Scale, MG 1100" at the bottom centre and below the driveshaft. The "Made in Gt. Britain" has been removed from the base indicating this is a New Zealand made item. It carries rudimentary representations of the engine, gearbox, axles, suspension, and exhaust system. The base is fitted to the body by two machined rivets.

All wheels consist of the standard cast variety, fitted with black rubber tyres. They are mounted on steel axles.

The original model was issued from 1968 to 1971 in New Zealand.

Item: 3535