Toy Products (Robin Hood) 05 Lea Francis Coupe


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This model is the Toy Products/Robin Hood #5 Lea Francis Coupe in pale blue with silver side stripe.

The model is a one-piece cast metal body with all detail cast into it. At the front are a cast bumper, grille, head lights and side lights. To the sides are the body lines of the wheel arches and cast lines for the doors. At the rear is a cast bumper with over-riders, a number plate, and two side lights.

There is no interior or glazing.

There is no base plate and the body has no markings on the underside apart from the words "Made In, England", cast on two lines, on the under side of the roof.

All wheels are one-piece, solid metal that are pressure fitted into the body casting in such a manner that they sit between a flat pillar, coming from the under side of the wheel arch, and the body casting itself. The wheels are shaped to include a small "pin" either side of the wheel that, under pressure, pushes into corresponding holes in the casting and they are thereby held in place. This model has all four wheels.

This model was issued circa 1942.

Item: 4561