Tootsietoy Mack L-Line Articulated Tanker

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This is the Tootsietoy Mack L-Line Articulated Tanker in red with silver tanker. It would have originally carried "Tootsietoy Line" decals on the tanker. This is a larger model measuring 235mm long, 47mm wide, and 50mm high.

It is a two piece casting with all detail such as bumpers, lights, body lines and trim, doors, etc. cast into the metal. At the front, on the tractor unit, the bumper, grille, head lights, and fuel tanks are cast details in the body colour of red. The tractor has three cast running lights on the top, cast doors. cast door steps, and bonnet markings. The silver tanker trailer has cast body lines on the sides, cast walkway and three caps on the top, and a cast ladder and tail lights to the rear.

There is no glazing or base to the model. On the under-side the model carries the legend "Tootsietoy, ®, Chicago" cast on 3 lines under the tractor rear and "U. S. A." cast by the fifth wheel connector. The tanker has "Tootsietoy, Made In, U.S.A." on 3 lines on the underside of the tank.

All wheels are of a solid black rubber hub and tyre type. The domed axles pass through the wheels and are held in place by passing through pillars cast on the underside of the tractor body casting or the cast mounting on the trailer.

This casting was issued between 1954 and 1959.

Item: 4066