Tootsietoy GMC Scenicruiser (1955)

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This is the Tootsietoy GMC Scenicruiser (1955) in silver, blue, and grey "Greyhound Lines" livery.

It is a two piece casting with all detail such as bumpers, lights, body lines and trim, doors, etc. cast into the metal. At the front the bumper, and grille, and the head lights are in the lower body colour of silver. and the destination board has been mask sprayed grey, over the dark blue upper body colour. The rear, raised half deck is in grey. The sides have limited detail apart from the cast "Scenicruiser", Greyhound logo, and "Greyhound", although the right hand side of the model also features a cast front door and baggage hatches. The greyhound logo has been picked out in silver against the dark blue upper body colour. The rear has a large circular protrusion but there is no indication of what this is supposed to be and photos of the real bus don't have suck an protrusion.

There is no interior or glazing to the model.

All wheels are of a solid black plastic hub and tyre type. The dome head axles appear to hold the two parts of the casting together.

This casting was issued between 1955 and 1969. It has an approximate scale of 1:70 based on the real vehicle having a length of 12.190 metres and this model having a length of 175mm (12190/175 = 70).

Item: 4008