Tootsietoy Chevrolet Cameo Pickup (1960)

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This is the Tootsietoy Chevrolet Cameo Pickup Truck in red.

It is a one piece casting with all detail such as bumpers, lights, body lines and trim, doors, etc. cast into the metal. At the front the bumper, and grille are picked out in silver, but not the head lights. The sides and bottom of the pickup bed are painted silver, as is the rear bumper. This item has probably been repainted at some stage as th paint job is patchy.

There is no glazing or base to the model. On the under-side the model carries the legend "Tootsietoy, ® Chicago, U.S.A." cast on 4 lines under the cab roof, and "Chev., Cameo, Carrier" cast on 3 lines below the pickup bed.

All wheels are of a solid black plastic hub and tyre type. The flat head, tapered axles appear to have been pressure fitted to the wheels and are held in place by being pinch clamped to columns protruding from the underside of the casting.

This casting was issued between 1950 and 1969. It has an approximate scale of 1:40.

Item: 0034