Tootsietoy Offenhauser Midget Racer

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This is the Tootsietoy Offenhauser Midget Racer issued between 1970 and 1979 in blue, in a set with a Jeep and trailer (on which the racer was mounted). The model depicts a typical midget racer of the 1950s and 1960s that were usually powered by the Offenhauser-Miller designed motor and is only one inch long. The Jeep and trailer are missing from this set.

It is a one piece casting with all detail such as grille, engine vents, exhausts, seat, etc. cast into the metal. There is no glazing or base to the model. On the under-side the model carries the legend "Tootsietoy USA Chicago" cast under the bonnet. The press-fit axles pass into the wheels and are pinch-clamped to the body casting. The wheels are black plastic shaped to represent a spoked wheel hub with tyre.


Item: 2905