Tomte Laerdal #6 Renault Floride

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This model is the Tomte Laerdal #6 Renault Floride in blue.

Tomte Laerdal vehicles are made from a soft plastic and often appear to be copies of vehicles manufactured by Corgi, Solido and Dinky. They nearly always have at least the addition of a driver and sometimes passengers to the casting. They have no opening parts and almost all cabriolets have a soft, clear plastic windscreen.

This model is a one piece casting with no opening parts and all features cast into the body. The "interior" has been cast to show two seats, driver figure, steering wheel, and dashboard.

All wheels are of a soft rubber or plastic compound in one piece shaped to represent a hub and tyre and fitted to dome head metal axles that pass through struts molded on the underside of the body and the wheels.

There is no base plate but the interior of the vehicle is imprinted with "6" below what would be the passenger seat. The die number "5" appears in reverse relief behind the bumper, one strengthening bar is marked "Tomte Laerdal", and the other strengthening bar is marked "Stavenger-Norway".

This model was produced between 1962 and 1978 and looks to be a copy of a Solido #109 Renault Floride which comes without driver or has a male or female driver figure.

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