Toby Toys 863 Fire Engine

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This model is the Toby Toys 863 Fire Engine in red. This item is not original and has been modified with the replacement of the rear swiveling ladder. I am not certain what this ladder has come from but it does make the model look similar to the graphic on original Toby Toys packaging.

This one piece body casting has all detail cast into it. At the front we have the grille, front bumper, and front lights highlighted in silver, and the bonnet in the body colour. To each side are engine cover louvres, doors without handles, holes where the side ladders hung (missing), and the body lines, The rear has been cast with a "hose reel", ladder platform and rear step.left open exposing the rear axle. A swiveling ladder, possibly from an old French Dinky(?), has been added to the rear.

There is no interior or glazing, the seats being part of the body casting.

There is no base plate. The under side of the rear body is marked "Made In England" on a single line, just below the ladder platform, and "863", just to the rear of the hose reel indent. It devoid of all other marking or casting detail apart from the short pillars that hold the front axle in place.

All wheels comprise a single piece, cast metal hub and tyre shape. They are attached to new steel axles which have domed ends and pass through either the front pillars or the rear body casting. The rear wheels are separated by a cover over the axle to keep them in place.

This model was issued some time in the 1940s or 1950s. I do not know when this reconstruction project was done.

Item: 3767