Toby Toys 862 Tow Truck

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This model is the Toby Toys 862 Tow Truck in Green.

This one piece casting has all detail cast into the body. At the front we have the grille, front bumper, and front lights, and bonnet, all in the body colour. To each side are engine cover louvres, doors without handles, and the body lines, The rear has been left open exposing the rear axle. A rear facing light has been cast on the cab roof and the rear deck has a "timber" toolbox and crane mechanism and jib, on the end of which has been cast the tow hook.

There is no interior or glazing.

There is no base plate. The under side of the rear body is marked "Made, In, England" on three lines, just below the crane jib, and "862", just forward of this, under the toolbox. It devoid of all other marking or casting detail apart from the short pillars that hold the front axle in place.

All wheels comprise a single piece, Bakelite(?) hub and tyre shape. They are attached to steel axles which have crimped ends and pass through either the front pillars or the rear body casting. The rear wheels are separated by a cover over the axle to keep them in place. This cover may have been added at a later stage by a former owner, as one end of the axle is crimped and the other is not.

This model was issued some time in the 1940s or 1950s.

Item: 3705