Timpo Lead Figures

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These items are Timpo Lead Figures all thought to have been issued circa the 1950s.

Farm Figures
Item 3802
This is a scarecrow in grey, red, and yellow.

Item 3888
This is a horse in dark brown.

Zoo Animal Figures
Item 3803
This is an Indian Buffalo in Light Grey.


Item 3804
This is an Ostrich in White.


Item 3805
This is a Crocodile in Dark Grey.


Item 3806
This is a Kangaroo in Brown.


Item 3807
This is a Sea Lion in Black.


Item 3808
This is a Rhinoceros in very Dark Grey.


Item 3809
This is an Elephant in Dark Grey.


Item 3810
This is a Hippopotamus in Very Dark Grey.


Item 3811
This is a Lion in Brown.


Item 3812
This is a Lioness in Brown.


Item 3813
This is a Lioness in Brown.