Streamlux (Au) Volkswagen Beetle

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This model is of the Streamlux Volkswagen Beetle in chrome. The model is 48mm long, 18mm wide, and 18mm high.

There are no opening parts on this model. All features are cast into the metal of the model.

At the front there is a cast representation of the front bumper, headlights, and luggage compartment. Both sides carry cast body lines, trim, and a representation of the doors. The rear is cast to show the engine cover, air vents, numberplate, lights, and rear bumper.

There is no interior. There is no glazing.

All wheels appear to be one piece, black plastic, typical of the Streamlux miniatures of the time. They are mounted on steel, domed axles.

The base plate is painted red and has a raised centre line. It is attached to the body casting by two small machined rivets. The base plate is marked with the original die owner's marks — "Streamlux" at the top centre and "Aust." at the centre bottom.

This would have been an early issue, probably issued prior to 1964 (when the dies went into the hands of Fun Ho! in New Zealand).

The scale is unknown but thought to be around 1:85. My reasoning is that the normal body for the VW Beetle was 160.6 inches (4078mm) in length (4079/48 = 84.979)

Item: 3959