Solido 1306 Peugeot 504 - Heller 1st Anniversary (1981)

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This model is the Solido Peugeot 504 in Yellow as released for the celebration of "Heller"'s first anniversary in 1981.

The model has no opening parts. It has a black plastic grille flanked by clear glazed headlights. Belwo this is the chromed front bumper with 4 spot-lights. The glazing is clear all round with molded windscreen wipers and rear view mirror on the front windscreen. The rear has molded lights painted in the body colour and a chromed rear bumper. On the bonnet is "1er Janvier 1981" in circle shaped black lettering. There are signs on both sides of the model that read "Heller|Solido".

The interior is entirely black plastic with a left hand drive black plastic steering wheel set into the dashboard.

All wheels are black plastic of the "Speedwheel" type with black hubs detailed with a chrome design.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "Cougar, Made in France" at the rear bumper, "1/43 07.80" at the front bottom, and "Peugeot 504" at the front top and "No 1306" over the rear axle. It appears to be held in place by a rear locating lug and a clip system that is part of the front bumper.

Its stated scale is 1:43.

Item: 1366