Siku 3129 MAN Clou-Liner Motorhome

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This model is the Siku 3129 MAN Clou-Liner Motorhome in Blue and White. This item is missing the Vespa Scooter from the rear platform and the inflatable run-about from the roof.

The model features a typical European motorhome. At the front the front bumper, number plate [MK.SW 800], headlights and grille emblem are all cast into the body casting. Along each lower side of the bus are blue painted, cast luggage compartment doors. The upper body has cast body trim and blue and grey decals that are vaguely shaped like an aeroplane (hence the "Clou-Liner" name?). Also on the right hand side of the model is side entrance door (opening), a rear hatch (opening), and a grey plastic sun shade that slides back into the body. On the rear of the body is mounted a grey plastic platform that would normally hold the Vespa scooter. The white roof has a rear roof window and a grey plastic roof rack, covering the front half of the vehicle, where the satelite dish and inflatable (missing) are kept.

All glazing in the model is clear plastic. The interior is white plastic with white steering wheel molded into the dash. There is seating for 2 in the front cab, behind which is a simulated kitchen, dining space, shower/toilet, and rear bedroom with raised bed.

All wheels consist of separate, black "rubber" tyres on grey plastic, commercial style hubs, fitted to steel axles. The axles are held in place by black plastic castings that are riveted to the base.

The casting has a blue, painted metal base that also forms the lower part of the body. It is marked with "Made in Germany" to the Centre top, "6 Zyl. 687 ccm   [Siku logo]   191kw-260 PS" to the middle centre on one line, and "CE" to the centre bottom. It is held in place with 3 small self tapping screws.

I do not know when this item was issued.

Item: 3954