Shinsei Mini Power No.37 Hino Articulated Heavy Vehicle Carrier (1/50)

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This model is the Shinsei Mini Power No.37 Hino Articulated Heavy Vehicle Carrier in Green.

The model features an opening cab. At the front the headlights are represented by a chrome plastic inset below which are two road lights, cast into the cab body casting. The numberplate carries a white numberplate with black lettering that reads "2018". In the centre of the cab is a silver grille and above this a Hino badge in white lettering on red background flanked by the Hino emblem "wings". The front doors are simply cast into the cab and do not open. At the cab rear the lights are represented by small bumps cast onto the rear mudguards. The fifth wheel coupling is operated by a chrome handle that locks the trailer to the tractor unit. An air intake, in plastic, sits behind the cab.

The trailer has a working trailer jack system - a black plastic handle and wheel winds down the jacks to support the trailer when uncoupled. Tie rails are seen on both sides although, on this model, the front trailer tie rack is missing and the rear ramps are manually operated. There are no trailer lights on the model.

The interior is missing as is the cab glazing.

All wheels are plastic - solid one piece plastic hubs, molded as 8 nut commercial hubs, with a separate black rubber tyre.

The cab baseplate is black plastic and is marked Shinsei Mini POWER at the top centre, "No.37" and "Heavy Vehicle Carrier" at the bottom centre and, at the front behind the bumper, "Hino" in the proper Hino script. The base also carries detail representing the suspension, lower engine and the gearbox and drive train. The under-side of the Trailer is marked to the front with SHINSEI MINI POWER Made in Japan on two lines and, toward the middle,"Heavy Vehicle Carrier".

Item: 2328