Shinsei Mini Power No.36 Komatsu D155W Amphibious Bulldozer (1/50)

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This model is the Shinsei Mini Power No.36 Komatsu D155W Amphibious Bulldozer in Metallic Green.

The model features a number of operating parts. At the front the bucket raises and lowers as well as having an opening jaw. The Komatsu name is printed above the radiator grille. There are no lights apparent on the model. On the right and left side of the engine housing is the legend Komatsu and on the right panel by the driver's position it reads "D155W". In the top centre of the engine housing is a folding exhaust stack which, when folded, rests on a chrome rest positioned behind the driver's position, immediately behind what appears to be the fuel tank. At the rear of the body is an adjustable, three prong "ripper".

There is no interior as this model represents a sealed amphibious machine.

The track rollers are black plastic, to the front and rear, with the intermediate rollers being part of the body casting. The tracks themselves are black rubber.

The baseplate is black plastic and is marked Shinsei Mini POWER at the top centre, with "No.37" to the rear of the base and "Made in Japan" in much smaller letters to the front. The lower centre of the base carries the legend "KOMATSU D155W" on the first line and "Amphibious Bulldozer" on the second line. The base carries no other detail.

Item: 2327