Shen Ma DongFeng - PLA Artillery Gun

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This model is the Shen Ma DongFeng Artillery Gun in the military green livery of the People's Liberation Army of China.

I bought these models as they were advertised as being 1/43 scale and I thought they would complement the Century Dragon models I already had. Sadly they turned out to be closer to 1/50 scale but they still look Ok when compared with Dinky or Corgi models.

The model has opening doors on the cab, and a lifting rear gun and counterweight. The front lights are clear inserts set into the baseplate which also has the front bumper molded into it. Above this is another black plastic insert that represents the upper cab air intake, complete with manufacturer's logo. The top of the cab is finished off with an aerofoil. Both cab doors carry a single red star and the cab sports a pair of wing mirrors in soft black plastic or rubber. The rear comprises a molded deck with artillery shell racks and mounted gun. The gun can be raised and rotated, provided the rear counterweight is lowered into position first. The sides of the deck carry Chinese script.

The cab interior is black plastic with a left hand drive black plastic steering wheel. The glazing is clear and surrounded by a black plastic frame on which are cast the windscreen wipers.

All wheels are of a commercial type - solid one piece, 8 stud hubs with a black "rubber" whitewall tyre.

The base plate/chassis is black plastic and has three imprinted areas. The left hand side fuel tank carries "YS-NO-006" on its bottom, the right hand fuel tank carries "Made in China" and teh rear axle housing carries the Shen Ma logo and "Shen Ma". It is held in place with four self tapping screws.

This model was issued circa 2008.


Item: 1864