Road Champs Ford F-100 Pickup (1956) - Mobilgas

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This model is the Road Champs Ford F-100 Pickup in dark blue, Mobilgas livery with drum load in the rear.

The model features opening front doors and rear tailgate, the only operating parts of the vehicle. To the front of the vehicle we have a chromed radiator grille with lights represented by clear plastic lenses, inset into the body casting. Below this is the chromed front bumper (a separate casting), and above the grille is a small silver and dark blue badge, located on the front of the bonnet. Both sides of the bonnet carry small silver and blue Ford F-100 badges. The front of the cab is cast to represent two small windscreen wipers. The sides carry shaped body lines and the cab has opening doors, each of which carries a red, blue and white "Mobilgas" sign with the Pegasus logo. The rear left wheel guard has a red clear lens as the tail light. At the rear, the tailgate is cast with the "FORD" name and lowers to provide access to the oil drum load. Each drum (actually a single plastic casting representing 6 drums) is marked "Motor Oil" in white lettering. Below the tailgate is another chrome cast bumper, also a separate item, and below that is the rear tow hook.

The interior is cream plastic with a cream plastic, left hand steering wheel which has been inserted into the cream dashboard. The interior is has no colour detailing but the dash has radio and glove compartment cast detail, the floor has accelerator, brake, and clutch pedals (no gear stick), and the front bench seat has cast detail representing the horizontal and vertical seat panels. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of a commercial solid hub with hub cap style - chromed plastic hubs, each with a separate black rubber tyre, mounted on steel, pressure-fitted axles.

The base plate is black plastic with a representation of a chassis, front and rear leaf springs, lower engine, gearbox, driveshaft, rear differential, battery housing, and exhaust system. It carries the legend "© 1998 Road Champs Inc, West Caldwell NJ 07006" on two lines under the left running board, the Road Champs logo just above the drive shaft, "Made in China" just below the drive shaft, and "1956 Ford F-100, Used Under License" on two lines under the right running board. In the centre of the base is a mounting boss for attaching the model to its packaging or a display base. It is attached to the body casting by three small self tapping screws, one the front and two to the rear.

The date of issue is unknown but probably circa 2000.

Item: 4005