Rio SL090 Fiat 128 - City of Trieste, Traffic Police

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This model is the Rio SL090 Fiat 128 "City of Trieste, Traffic Police" in red with white roof. The company RIO of Italy appears to have ceased production and relinquished its web site around 2005 as this is the last available site image available from "The Way Back Machine". The site appears to have been last updated in 2003 however from about October 2001 the site redirected to (which claims to be the UK and USA distributor). That site disappears around 2005. The photos above, as with all photos on this site, is of my own model and as such are copyright to me.

At the front is a chromed, photo-etched plastic grill into which has been set the front headlights (they appear to be clear lenses) and a tiny "Fiat" badge in chrome and silver. Either side of this are two painted squares on the body that represent the indicators. Below the grill is a chromed bumper with number plate [111398 TS}.

Further back on the car are a pair of chromed, photo-etched windscreen wipers. On both sides of the vehicle across the front doors is "Comune di Trieste" in an arc and "Polizia Urbana" just above the bottom of the door. Below this lettering is a silver stripe that appears to be part of the tampo printing. Also on the four doors are photo-etched door handles. On top of the white roof is a blue light on a white base.

At the rear of the vehicle the rear lights appear to be chromed, photo-etched parts with red and orange sections for the stop and indicator lights. There is a square number plate with the number on two lines, beside this is a small tampo(?) printed "Fiat 128" badge and below this is a chromed bumper.

The interior is in pale beige or grey plastic for the seats with a black dash and left hand steering wheel. The glazing is clear all round.

All wheels are of a chromed hub and cap type - solid chromed plastic with a separate "rubber" tyre.

The baseplate is black plastic has limited detail. Turning the vehicle over reveals a very limited relief detail - floor pan foot recesses and exhaust system. At the top rear of the baseplate, just in front of the rear axle, is the legend "RIO, Made in Italy, 1:43" on three lines and "Fiat 128" along the centre of the vehicle just above the exhaust. The plastic baseplate is fitted to the body via two small self tapping screws at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The date of issue is unknown.


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