RexToys [Fr] #47 Ford V8 Stationwagon - Dark Blue

Rextoys is a toy manufacturer that is no longer in business. In their day, they made a range of vintage 1:43 scale vehicles in various liveries, including some that were military related. Originally their models came packaged in an attractive maroon outer package containing and acrylic display case with black base. Later packaging just consisted of an acrylic display case and base. A history of the company can be found here as part of my Manufacturer Histories section.

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This model is the RexToys [France] #47 1935 Ford V8 Stationwagon in dark blue and pale tan with black, simulated fabric, roof panel. The model has no opening features and consists of 7 main casting components (bonnet and inner body, 3 panels representing the "woody" rear body, wheel arches, baseplate and front and rear bumper casting) and a number of small cast parts such as the lights, horns and grill. The three "woody" panels are attached to the inner body casting by means of two rivets per panel. The Ford Model 48 was an update on Ford's V8-powered Model 40A, the company's main product. Introduced in 1935, the Model 48 was given a cosmetic refresh annually before being thoroughly redesigned for 1941.

At the front, the grill is represented by a chromed metal casting that is set into the body casting. The headlights are possibly separate castings set into the wheel arches (mudguards) and have a chrome "lens". Below these sit the chrome horns. The bumpers (front only on this model) are on a separate chrome casting which doubles as a representation of the chassis, engine sump and gearbox, drive shaft and rear axle and differential. The front windscreen has a chromed surround that also contains a single, top mounted, windscreen wiper. The side bonnet louvres are mask sprayed in silver. The stationwagon sides have the doors and their hinges cast into the cab area (the rear doors being "suicide" doors that open from the front and are hinged at the back) and are molded to represent a wood finish as seen on many stationwagons of the era. At the rear the rear panel has a spare wheel attached. On each side running board is a black "rubber" pad, part of the model's metal black baseplate.

The interior is all pale grey plastic, with black plastic, left hand drive, steering wheel. The interior insert is a complete casting, i.e. it comprises the interior of the vehicle from the dash to the back of the rear seats and rear parcel area floor. All glazing is clear.

The baseplate on this model is a simple flat casting clearly marked "Ford V8 1935, 1/43" on two lines at the centre top, REXTOYS®" at the centre bottom and "Fabrique en France" on two lines at the bottom rear, just in front of the rear axle.

All wheels are cast metal - one piece cast metal, spoked hub and separate rubber tyre, painted in a maroon colour and mounted on painted steel axles of the same colour. A chromed "V8" hub cap finishes off the wheels.

I do not know when this model was first issued.

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