Republic of Burundi - Royal Air Mail Car - Stamp

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Every now and then, while cruising around the internet, I come across something that just appeals to me. This stamp showed up while searching for information on the Morris Commercial Royal Air Mail Car so I bought it! Although technically not a toy, I consider it part of my toy collection.

The item is a stamp issued by the Republique Du Burundi and depicts the Morris Commercial Royal Air Mail Car. The stamp has a value of , I assume, 7500 Burundian Francs. Currently the Burundian Franc is worth 0.00086 in NZ Dollars (BF100.00 = NZ$0.086 - 8.6 cents!).

During my searches on the internet I have discovered a number of smaller countries issue special philatelic items in the hope of raising international funds via their Postal Authorities. I have found many of these items center around vehicles, flora and fauna, and famous scenes.

The date of issue is thought to have been 2012 as this date is marked on the stamp.

Item: 3724