Renwal #103 4 Door Sedan

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This model is the Renwal (USA) #103 4 Door Sedan in blue plastic.

The model has all detail cast into the main body casting. None of the cast details are highlighted in any way. The rear number plate [103] is also not highlighted, and the bonnet has a cast centre line in the body colour only. The sides have simple cast marks to represent the doors.

There is no interior or glazing on this model.

There is no base, but the under side of the bonnet is marked ""A Renwal Product, Made in USA" on two lines, and the mold number "N" is immediately forward of this.

The wheels are white plastic cast units of the "hub and tyre" style, fitted to steel axles that are held in place by mountings on the inside of the body casting.. They appear to have been pressure fitted.

Probably issued in the 1960s.

Item: 4012