Quiralu Peugeot D4A Van "Thomson"

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This model is the Quiralu Peugeot D4A Van in Mid Green "Thomson" livery.

This model has no opening parts. The front headlights, grill and bumper are painted silver. There is no glazing in any of the windows.

All wheels are white rubber on silver cast hubs.

The base plate is black metal and is marked with "Quiralu" at the centre top, "Peugeot D.4.A" in the middle and "Made in France" at the centre bottom. It is held in place with a single machined rivet.

It is not known when this item was issued but the Quiralu brand started in 1956 and they were only produced for a few years before disappearing. The dies came to light again and were used by Louis Serber SA which produced the Eligor brand.

Item: 1368