Polythene Miniature F79 Breakdown Truck

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Polythene Miniatures were manufactured in Hong Kong, probably during the 1960s. The packaging resembles that of Lesney's Matchbox 1-75 series in both design and concept. Each box has 2 "striker" sides in red, two end flaps in white (without any letting or numbers), and two yellow pictorial "faces" containing a single line frame inside which appears the words Polythene Miniature in a curve over a line drawing of the vehicle contained in the box and at the bottom are the model number, "F.67"; the name of the vehicle, "Hillman Minx"; and the country of manufacture, "HongKong".

The models themselves were copies of Matchbox, Dinky and Corgi items although to a much smaller scale, most models being little more than 45mm to 55mm long. The models are pretty basic given the that they are made in Polyethylene Plastic and have painted on windows.

Item: 988
This model is the Polythene Miniature F.79 Breakdown Truck in red with beige crane gantry and red hook, silver painted grill and front bumper, and black wheels attached via metal axles that resemble a small flat head nail with a crimped end. The model is a copy of the Matchbox 13-a Bedford Wreck Truck.