Oxford Diecast 1:43 ASS001 Austin 7 RN Saloon

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This model is the Oxford Diecast ASS001 Austin 7 RN Saloon in fawn and black.

The model has no opening parts. To the front of the vehicle we have a chrome rimmed radiator surround with black grille that has a minute chrome AUSTIN badge set into the top driver's side. To the bottom of the grille is a black starting handle. Either side of the grille sits the head lights, painted black with clear plastic lenses, mounted onto the body wheel well casting. Below this is the centred number plate with white on black background lettering [YY 1137]. I cannot determine if the lettering is tampo printed onto the part or if it is a label.

The front windscreen is encompassed by a black painted effect. A single tiny tampo printed windscreen wiper is placed above the driver's side of the windscreen. The front doors are finished off with silver door handles,silver body trim, and black highlights around the window. The roof is a combination of matt black and gloss black to represent the difference between the metal roof components and the cloth components on the real vehicle.

At the rear the silver body trim continues and a spare wheel is mounted above and behind the rear number plate. The rear light is represented by a red dot to the driver's side of the white on black number plate [YY 1137].

The interior has cream plastic seats with a tan finish to the dashboard and a black, right hand steering wheel which has been inserted into the dashboard. From the floor protrudes a black gearstick. A small chromed rear view mirror hangs from the interior roof. The door interiors are matte cream with a brown top to represent the wooden "frame". The glazing is clear in the front, side, and rear windows.

All wheels are of a "wire spoked" hub style - a clear plastic hub with tampo printed spokes and a separate "rubber" tyre.

The base plate is black plastic with a rudimentary representation of a chassis, drive shaft and exhaust system and is attached to the body casting by two small self tapping screws and carries the legend "Oxford" under the passenger side running board and "Austin Seven RN" under the driver's side running board.

The date of issue is thought to be 2016.

Item: 2863