Onyx 036 BRM Dallara F189 - Scuderia Italia - Alex Caffi

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This model is the Onyx 036 BRM Dallara F189 in Scuderia Italia livery as driven by Alex Caffi in 1989.

These Onyx models are pretty basic in design and this car has few opening parts. The body casting is basic, covering only the general shape of the vehicle and plastered with sponsor's names and logos as per the real machine. The F189 was constructed using a Dallara chassis and Ford DFZ v8 to power the car. At the front of the vehicle is a nose cone aerofoil with Pirelli sponsorship decals. The red body maintains the shape of the vehicle but with little detail other than sponsor's names and logos (Marlboro, Fin-Eco, Agip, Lucchini and Pirelli) and the racing numbers (21). The rear aerofoil is also simply represented as are the suspension and axles.

The interior is non-existent given the vehicle modeled is a Formula One car. The red plastic driver sits in the cockpit, wearing his gold helmet covered by the obligatory sponsor's names. There is no glazing on this model.

All wheels are of a "racing wheel" type - solid one piece, black plastic, 5 spoke hub with a soft rubber "slick" tyre.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked at the centre top with Onyx and "1/43" on two lines and "Fabrique au Portugal" at the bottom centre. It also carries "BMS DALLARA FORD" along the centre line of the nose cone area. The base plate is held in place with one front and one rear machined rivets.

I do not know when this model was issued. Its scale is said to be 1:43.

Item: 1346