Onyx XLM049 Panoz Esperante GTR-1 - LeMans 24 Hrs 1997 - Leitzinger/Weaver/Wallace

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This model is the Onyx XLM049 Panoz Esperante GTR-1 in the white racing livery of David Price Racing. It was released as a limited edition model, this is #2293 of 4000 issued world-wide.

This model represents the vehicle driven in the 1997 Le Mans 24 Hour race by Robert "Butch" Leitzinger, James Weaver and Andy Wallace and as such is adorned with various racing stickers and sponsorship logos on the side doors, bonnet, boot and roof.

The model has no opening parts. It has clear lenses for the front lights and red and orange plastic inserts for the rear lights. The exterior of the model is kitted out with side mirrors, Photo etched wiper and radio aerial, with the leading edge of the front body work painted grey to represent the front air wing.

The interior is all black plastic with a left hand drive black plastic steering wheel. The driver's seat belts are picked out in blue and a fire extinguisher and other internal parts are also picked out in red, white, etc. The dashboard (instrument panel) displays a rev counter/speedometer, various dials and switches, picked out in green, gold and orange. The glazing is clear.

All wheels have simulated racing hubs - open, one piece plastic with 10 spokes and seperate black "rubber" tyres marked Goodyear Eagle in white lettering.

The base plate is black plastic and is marked with "ONYX 1/43" in the centre top and "Panoz Esperante GT1 R" at the centre bottom under which is "Made in China" in small lettering. The base plate has no other detail cast on it and is held in place with two small self tapping screws./p>

It is not known when this model was issued.

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