Mikro Matchbox Kingsize: K52 Datsun 240Z - Bulgarian

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Matchbox K52 - Mikro (Bulgaria) Datsun 240Z Yellow RARE  Matchbox K52 - Mikro (Bulgaria) Datsun 240Z Yellow RARE

This BULGARIAN manufactured model is the Mikro Datsun 240Z in yellow. This model is a copy of the Matchbox K52 and used the original dies from Matchbox. The model has racing number 7 on both doors and the word Turbo on the bonnet. It is packed in a special MIKRO 1:43 Series Collection box. Both the packaging and the model are clearly marked "Made in Bulgaria".

This model has an opening bonnet, released by a small pin on the baseplate to reveal a silver motor. The side doors and boot are fixed. The front has a silver metal rally light bar, bumper and number plate [KGU 453M] with small black radiator grill behind it. Silver pins protrude through the body (from the diecast motor) to represent the headlights. The rear bumper assembly is also silver metal with the rear number plate being cast into the diecast body of the model.

The entire interior is yellow plastic with right hand drive yellow plastic steering wheel. The glazing is clear with molded windscreen wipers and interior mirror and rear demister.

All wheels are of the "Speed Kings wheel" type - hollow one piece plastic with a "chromed" center "hub".

The base plate is a metallic looking, dark grey painted metal and is marked with "Matchbox Super Kings" and K-52 Datsun 240Z Rally Car at the centre top and "Matchbox Int'l Ltd" Made in Bulgaria © 1974 on three lines at the centre bottom. It is held in place with two rivets.

I am not certain when this model was issued.

Matchbox K52 - Mikro (Bulgaria) Datsun 240Z Yellow RARE  Matchbox K52 - Mikro (Bulgaria) Datsun 240Z Yellow RARE

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 Hello Ian, just looking at your Bulgarian Datsun article and you say you are not sure when the model was available. Bulgarian Rolls-Royce models based on the #24c Silver Shadow saloon were being issued to market in 1985 and 1986, I have a picture of the card plynth the model was packaged with and it seems to suggest 1988, as a different coloured over-stamping is applied to the pre-printed base script. This pre-printed base script is obviously in Bulgarian but it will no doubt be advertising the company and it lists the other Three 'Kingsize' based models available alongside the Datsun, hope this is of some help.